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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  March 13, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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some scary moments up in the northside, extreme conditions experience for one lost hiker. gop presidential candidates can report from one of the frontrunners. it's tuesday march 13th. this is bay area news at 7:00. light winter storm as parked itself over much of the bayou. this wet weather is causing headaches. we're on storm watch tonight with live team coverage. rose mar mary was tracking the storm. we begin with patty lee where the roads today prove deadly. >> reporter: for the past two hours, they identified the victim of fatal car crash as 45- year-old joseph con way.
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there was a break in the rain right now, at the time of the crash these roads were slick. they were accelerating to fast moving traffic when he lost control and crashed. fire crews responded to this weather related call before 1:00 this afternoon, including this fatal accident. >> definitely wasn't related, come around the corner trying to accelerate in wet weather like this, very possible lost control. >> reporter: the driver was accelerating on the ramp to interstate 680 when he fish tailed and veered down the embankment hitting a pole and a tree. chp is investigating. >> just a good reminder to slow down. >> reporter: it's also reminder to buckle up. >> i think that's where the tragedy started was the fact he wasn't in a seat belt in this
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incident. >> reporter: as the storm front moves through the bay area. >> we haven't had rain in a while. so it's almost like the first rain of the season. all the oils are in and asphalt starts to come to the surface and makes it slick. >> it's going to be busy for the next couple of days as well. >> reporter: they feared the evening commute would be as dangerous as it was this morning when they responded to 45 accidents between 5:00 and 10:00 this morning, that's compared to five accidents in the same period yesterday. reporting live, patty, ktvu channel 2 news. it's not clear if weather played a part in an accident this morning. it is causing problems during an evening commute. it happened right near the 980 junction around 10:15 this morning. the big rig hit a sidewalk. they're repairing the barrier this evening that caused a backup.
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the rain started early on and it has not stopped, still spreading widespread. most of us can agree, we appreciate the rain finally falling over the bay area. boy has it caused major delays as well as our airports it's been a breezy day. 18 miles per hour, 21 near areas right around oakland. just a little bit of a gap, still continue to see light showers across the north bay. concord may be seeing a little bit of a bray. south bay picking up a few 100 100ths so far. the rain will continue and it will be with us for the morning commute tomorrow. coming up we'll take a look at how much rain has fallen so far and when we'll finally get a break. >> into the north bay there were concerns prolonged wet weather may lead to flooding. today's creating some scary moments for one hiker. >> reporter: as the rain filled gutters all over the north bay and had people looking for
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cover, it was coming down sideways. search and rescue crews say conditions contributed to a hiker getting lost over night. >> he looked up it was suddenly dark and the weather closed in. he was less than about 100 feet and he was not able to locate his backpack all night long. >> reporter: the weather was getting worse when a rescue team tracked him down this morning. the water is moving quickly in a creek that runs under judy's gift shop. >> it was a little less water. it did all of its pilings. i don't think it's going to happen again, not this year. >> reporter: right out of her front window she has reminders about how bad things can get. these were the flood levels in 1985 and 2005. but many say this rain is welcomed. >> i think we need it. >> yes. yes. it's kind of fun actually. >> i'm expecting it to go right
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through the weekend. >> reporter: if it does those in charge of keeping sewer systems from over flowing expect to have their hands full. the storm control is keeping an eye close on areas that are known to have issues. eric, ktvu channel 2 news. the rain also caused problems in the santa cruise mountains. slick roads led to several accidents including this one right here near the southbound 1 exit. the driver of this car spun off the roadway and smashed into several signs. the driver was driving too fast. he suffered minor injuries. today's storms has been causing problems in the airport. we've been tracking flight schedules all day. passengers are seeing delays up to three hours thatch's because wet weather forced the airport to modify weather pattern. that's not a problem at san jose or oakland airports which are not reporting any major
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delays. weather had nothing to do with one jet that ended up in the wrong place today, that story coming up in just 7 minutes. the storm is bringing snow to the serranid causing rough dry conditions as well. higher elevations could get up to 3 feet of snow. sleek with snow and there were several crashes and sting ops. >> there's, you know, one thing i would wait everybody would slow down, it's just really dangerous out here and people don't understand. >> we just checked with cal trans and right now chains are required on interstate 80 on all vehicles except for four wheel drive with snow tires, there are no chain restrictions. go to for more coverage. right at the top of the home page. the search is on tonight for a gunman who opened fire on a car -- 8-year-old richmond boy what police are causing a road rage incident. the boy's father was driving on
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interstate 80 when he cut off another car as he exited on hill top road. the gunman followed the father's car to birmingham drive and once there, the gunman shot at the car several times striking the boy. richmond police say the shooter was a man driving an older model black crown victoria. jc made her first public appearance over the weekend. >> the facilities are incredible, my god. >> the 31-year-old was in new york city where oprah winfrey presented her with the inspiration award and in a recent video she says she plans to remain in hiding until the daughters are mature enough to understand what happened to them. she had her daughters while she was being held for 18 years at the home of her kidnaps. they're living out the rest of their days in prison. robert today announced he'll step down from his post at the
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end-of-the year. he's been chancellor for eight years. he took the job to help get the -- and what he calls the most expeople disinvestment by the state and you see -- uc history. he's a reknown system -- to teach and conduct research. federal reserve says the economy is getting better and it's taking no new steps. it repeated its plan to keep short term interest rates. today in its latest policy statement says the economy is expanding at moderate pace and unemployment should continue to decline gradually. it took a more -- to say it still poses a threat to global economy. from big boost today on wall street making giants morgan lake tonight announced it would increase stock dividend. most of the nation's large banks performed well. stocks began strong and closed at the session high. dow shot 217 points higher
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finishing well clear of 18,000. gained 56 and closed at 5th 5th highest level since 2,000. got some help today in a boot camp. it was the eighth one hosted by jack key spear. about 850 job seekers attended this event at the county fairgrounds. the signed up to get help brushing up on the skills and updating resumes and networking. >> you can hear it in the voice, you can hear it in the some of the voice and frustration some of the people that have been trying so hard and not in the education to want the job. >> the event featured about 40 companies that are actively hiring including home depot, come cast and target. mayor canadian ambassador cut the rivers owned a accelerator at uc san francisco mission bay campus. will be setting up shop there offered on the pharmaceuticals
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-- and chin fists. the partnership brings growth to the city's life sizes industry. dozens of san francisco teachers protest at the city's board of education meeting underway right now. >> the district spin out 544 layoff notices yesterday. officials say the district could face deficit between 80 and $120 million. if the state ballot measure to raise taxes doesn't pass in november. the must notify teachers of potential layoffs by march 15. happening now the city council just starting the next major meeting for the 49ers project. the stadium authority are expected to be asked to approve the stadium lead which is about $30 million a year from the 49ers. council will be asked to approve the final budget and financing plans stating price tag is now just under $1.2 billion. it's another tight race shaping up in the gop primary.
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rolled off a taxi way at atlanta hearts field airport. mechanics were testing the 737's engine about 5:00 a.m. when there was a problem with the braking system. the plane rolled up an embankment it suffered significant damage the only people aboard were the two workers, no one was injured. republicans are holding crucial primaries in the deep south in alabama and mississippi.
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they're being held in hawaii but those results won't come in until later tonight. they're watching all the action from gingrich headquarters in alabama tonight. cory? >> reporter: what's going on right now are two races in alabama and mississippi that are to too close to call. there are three man races. and you're going to see what i'm talking about. right now we have 43% of the precinct reporting. its edging outgrin rich and romney 35%, gingrich is 30%. romney 28%. if you move to to mississippi the race is tight but the numbers are a little bit different. 79% of the precinct are reporting at this point. santorum at 33%. gingrich is just behind him at 32%. there are less than 2,000 votes separating those two. romney at 30%. so we're here at gingrich headquarters tonight in birmingham, alabama.
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there's a lot of buzz and excitement about what happened a little bit later on. newt gingrich has been talking about how mississippi and alabama are 4 a campaign. tonight big night as welcoming off of his strong finish on super -- and still trying to prove that he's conservative alternative to mitt romney. he came out and said there are consciously optimistic about the numbers so far. finally that means mitt romney, he was considered to be the underdog in southern states but that may not be the case because over the last week or so he's been at the top of the pack or near the top of the pack. you have three candidates on pins and needles waiting for the results to come down. although i have a feeling it could be a long night. >> thank you. here at home an early morning apartment fire in oakland displaced about 20 people and destroyed several cars. investigators say the fire started inside a vehicle parked in a carport and apartment
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complex on adams street near lake marry. flames spread to five other vehicles you're actually seeing cell phone video taken by a woman who lived in that complex. fire damaged gas and electrical meters connected to the building. crimes on trains at san francisco police issuing an alert to riders about the electronic devices. best mobile devices had increased by 20% since last year. at least 6 are reported stolen every day. police had launched a new antitheft campaign with posters warning riders to stay alert. new at 7:00 the police are looking for a robber who carried out a bank hold up. he robbed the bank of the west branch on helen power dry. this shows you that the man was armed with an assault rifle and wearing a ski mask. he got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. detectives say the robbery was similar to hold ups in
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sacramento. the board of supervisors voted to ask governor brown to not to repeal revisions that buys time. the governor wants to repeal parts of the law which requires a minimum of 4 to 6 days before euthanizing shelter animals. governor brown says the repeal will save the state some $46 million over the next 2 years. animal rights groups say if the law is repealed shelters could use animals after just 72 hours. under million -- legislation california would become the first to create a lift at sporting events. tells us what man happen to him but football fans turned violent. come out at -- during the 49ers monday night football game in december. >> i lost four teeth. i was hit 6 to 8 times in my face. >> f 6-year-old emanuel says he
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was punched repeatedly several 49er fans after he asked one of them to sit down. >> the big guy jumped on my knees and continued to hit me over and over and over again. i actually thought i was going to die. >> the incident is still under investigation. the legislation targeting violent fans inspired in part by the brian stow beating case. >> there's a lot of things that i think inspire out there. >> the law will create a ban lift for all fans. it will face a $120,000 fine and up to a year in jail. and teens will have to contribute to encourage wins to come forward. >> i think we need to identify those that continually abuse the system. those that want to hurt people. >> the 49ers did not comment specifically on the proposed legislation but released a statement saying fan safety is important to the team adding we will continue to work with
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local law enforcement and the nfl on implementing measures to provide a safe environment. before the assembly safety committee this spring. ktvu channel 2 news. >> tonight in the bay area sports -- during a ceremony at the westen hotel including former raiders head coach tom flores. former cal basketball star and kevin johnson golfer george and stanford and 49er great gene washington. >> this culminating for me. this is the icing on the cake for my sports career as i see it. soy couldn't be happier. >> this is the 33rd annual of bay area sports legends. now is going to stream tonight the induction ceremony starting live. the streaming telecast starts at 8:00 p.m.
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and continues until 10:00. there are reports tonight that golden state warriors have traded the popular monte ellis. ellis along with and brown were traded to the milwaukee bucks for andrew and steven jackson. you may remember jackson last played for the warriors in 2007. he was the number over all pick by the bucs in 2005. leaving on a nice day, least accessible tourists spot. find out how soon and how much the cost increase to access it. it's been raining all day and there's much more to come. meteorologist is monitoring storm tracker two. and all our ktvu newscasts on your computer or even your mobile device. we're streaming live for you at [ female announcer ] this is the story of joycelin...
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organizers are keeping an eyen to the weather to see if conditions will be right to hold the big wig competition soon. rose marry said the storm will generate along the coast this weekend but wind will probably be too strong for surfing. contests during organizers say they will celebrate with the surf festival. rose marry joins us now to talk about the rain we've almost all
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be seeing. >> our roadways were wet out at the airport we saw delays and that continues tonight with the rain continuing to fall as we sleep, it will still be with us as we wake up tomorrow morning. guess what is it is still with us. take a look t at the satellite radar starting from 7:00 in the morning until now and you can see pretty much just staying put. it will eventually march south. by wednesday afternoon we do begin to see a break. rain fall so far how about we start at the fountains. ben reporting 4 inches even a little bit more than that. it looks like almost 3/10. a little bit more than 3/10 in san francisco by the 3rd napa, santa rosa more than an inch. we could pick up anywhere from a half inch to another inch over most of the bay area by tomorrow afternoon. mountains could pick up another two inches to perhaps 4 inches. let's bring you through the next four hours or so. moving through this evening
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hopefully you're settled in bah the rain is going to continue. tomorrow morning we wake up. it's going to be a lot like what we saw this morning. the roads are going to be slick. by about 10:00 or 11:00 it looks like into the evening hours we keep the great skies it looks like the rain is fine. we're going the get a break. the next storm comes in on thursday. for the -- evening hours into tomorrow morning, our temperatures will be sitting in the 40s and low 50s. so not too bad. i mean, it's going to be foggy but not too cold. 49 degrees expected in oakland as we start the morning. 50 degrees in the city. 50 degrees expected san jose mid upper 40s for areas right around santa rosa and napa for the east bay upper 40s low 50s. afternoon highs for tomorrow. a lot like what we saw today. 59 in -- 61 in berkeley. low 60s oakland. off to the southbound. 61 san jose. 61 in mountain view.
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southbound hasn't received a whole lot of rain thus far i should say but will as we progress to the evening hours and then tomorrow as the storm begins to move south and southeast. your extended forecast there with your weekend end view showing you that we do get a break on thursday. the rain is back by thursday night into friday and then the weekend scattered showers maybe thunderstorms and lower snow levels. >> thank you rose marry. visit to ago quatres island is about to go up. the national park service says it's raising the price of tickets by $2 starting april 18 april 18th. the new fair will be $28. prices for children, senor your -- officials say the price hike is due to the rising cost which is provided by outside company. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. our coverage continues with 10:00 news and tonight we're on storm watch monitoring the roads and any potential
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problems the rain will bring. we're always here for you, tmz is up next here on tv36. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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